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Fit Families

Children follow their parents’ example in many aspects, including fitness. With this in mind, we’ve developed a programme of fun exercises which can be modified for all ages, incorporating circuit training, games and aerobic fitness.

Out Fit Families sessions enable you to enjoy keeping fit and healthy together with your children.



Thank you for setting up the Saturday Parent and Child sessions at Caterham High School. The instructor, Gemma is brilliant and has a unique way of bringing out the best in both the parents and the children.

The lessons are always fun even if hard work; we are getting stronger and fitter every week. The kids especially thrive on Gemma’s approach because she is professional and very responsible, and she always manages too teach us something new every week! its never boring.

I wish these classes were running 3 times a week. We would have healthier and happier families. ? Well done Gemma, because your fitness knowledge is astounding.

Mrs Aziza Ahmad