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What can I do if my children don't like sports?

Exercising regularly comes with many benefits, especially for the younger ones of the house. However, for a lot of children, sports can be something daunting and far from fun.

If this happens, don’t you sweat it. There are other ways to make children enjoy physical activity.


So, what should you do if your kid doesn’t like sports?


Children who aren’t sporty can build physical and social skills in many other ways.

Try to find an activity where they don’t even realise they are exercising. Riding a bike, playing with the ball in the backyard, walking… are other forms of exercise.

Our biggest advice is, don’t force children to develop an activity they don’t want to do. It won’t help at all. Try a different range of pursuits, there might be an activity they really enjoy doing!


Understand the reason 

Sometimes, children feel like they don’t like sports because they don’t understand or know the rules, or they haven’t had much practise with them.

In other cases, they might not enjoy sports because of previous bad experiences in the past. Or they just simply think they are not good enough for it.


Encourage them to keep trying, but don’t force them!

One thing that you should constantly remind your kids is that being good at something requires practise and time. It’s completely fine to feel lost at first, and the only way to get better is to keep doing it!

Don’t make them feel bad about not being sporty or good with sports. Acknowledge his strengths and support him in what he loves.

If you want them to connect or reconned with physical activity, incidental forms of exercise can be the best way of encouraging your children to do some sport.

They might enjoy jumping a rope, walking, or hiking instead of football or basketball. Or they might need a more personalised coaching session, like the ones we offer here at PTC sports.


Offer them personalised training

Our One2One coaching sessions are designed to boost your child’s confidence, allowing them to learn at a speed specific to their needs. We focus on a kid at a time, being able to develop their physical activity at their own pace.

It allows children to reconnect with sports and receive support through their fears!

However, other kids just simply don’t like sports. If you seem unable to find a physical activity they like, there are other fun ways to stay active.

If you are still unsure and need a hand motivating your children, we are here to help!