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The Benefits of Online Learning and Online Fitness Classes

Once again, we’re looking for new ways to keep children occupied whilst inside. With the importance of online learning and online fitness more important than ever, we’ve put together a list of why learning online might be more beneficial for your child.


Online Learning


The main benefit to learning in-person in the classroom is structure. Children have their set times for learning specific subjects, taking breaks and eating their food. However, this also comes with disadvantages, it is inflexible and can be difficult to introduce new, specific and relevant teachings.

With online learning, topics are more or less unlimited. The internet is your oyster with a multitude of options and topics for your child to choose and learn from. With an array of topics at their fingertips, they’re able to broaden their knowledge on a topic they’re already interested in or find a new subject that pique their interest.

Online Learning allows you and your child to create your own schedule. They can learn at a time that suits them, so if they’re motivated and have more energy in the morning they can learn straight after breakfast or if they thrive better in the afternoon, they can log on then. Learning online can be adapted to how they work and gives the opportunity for a flexible schedule.

Learning Style

Every child learns differently. Some thrive in the classroom, others in small groups or on their own. Some children prefer to learn by reading and others by watching a video.

With a multitude of styles of lessons to choose from, online learning is ideal for catering to any and all different learning styles.

If you haven’t found the perfect learning environment for your child, online learning may be the ideal solution for experimenting with different styles and finding one that works for them.

Online Learning is also self-paced, so your child can learn and work at their own speed, not having to compete with friends in the classroom.

Improved Technical Skills

We know kids are much more advanced than us when it comes to IT, however, online learning could further develop their skills for the future.

Being on a computer during virtual lessons can help children to learn new technical skills and become more efficient with the keyboard and applications. This past year saw many businesses turn to and stick to remote working. Having the knowledge of how to collaborate and learn remotely can be a definite plus in a future career.

Online Fitness


Just like online learning, not all children want to exercise at the same time. Whilst some may thrive with early morning exercise, others may prefer to do something energetic later in the day. On the same page, exercise isn’t ‘one size fits all’, especially when it comes to kids.

Give your child the choice of what exercise they would like to do and at what point in the day, this way, they’re more likely to take part.

By choosing an activity they enjoy, they’re also more likely to stick to it over time.

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Exercise helps kids mentally focus and concentrate

Physical activity plays an important role in brain development and supporting mental functions.

Exercise leads to improved motor skills, better thinking and problem-solving, stronger attention skills and important learning. As a result, online fitness is going to have a positive domino effect when it comes to online learning.

Daily activities can also help to relieve symptoms of anxiety. With current happenings in the world, the uncertainty and strange times can be scary for a child and their imagination. Physical activity, whilst it may not completely eliminate any worry, it may help to relieve some anxiety helping them to relax.


Introducing exercise at a specific time helps to structure the rest of the day. This is especially important during lockdown when there may not be much to keep us occupied.

Scheduling exercise at a time that best suits your child and family dynamic will be most beneficial when it comes to planning online learning too.