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Sporting Heroes and Recent Successes

Interest and engagement with the sport can begin from an early age and become the basis of a career or life-long interest. Many sporting legends started off with small classes to get themselves moving, and soon discovered a passion. At PTC, we are passionate about kids’ health and wellbeing, offering multiple sports classes, all ranging from tag rugby to cheerleading. We ensure our classes are accessible to everyone and create a fun and safe environment for every lesson.

Recently, there have been plenty of sporting successes around the globe. The England Rugby team made it all the way to the World Cup Final in Yokohama, playing against South Africa. Led by captain Owen Wilson, the team made it to the most prestigious final in the Rugby calendar! Our own Tag Rugby classes are always busy and can introduce children to one of England’s most popular sports.

In the F1 world, Lewis Hamilton won the 2019 Drivers Championship, making this his 6th World Championship title! Driving for Mercedes, Hamilton is considered to be one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers of all time. With an interest that started at age 6 when his dad gave him a toy car, Hamilton went on to achieve great things! It’s never too young to get children involved in sport, benefiting not only physical but mental health as well.

In the recent Athletic World Championships in Qatar, Dina Asher-Smith, who was representing England, took home the gold in the 200 metres, and the silver in the 100-meter race! Athletics is a global sport that is popular with many, culminating every four years in the Olympic Games, next being held in Tokyo in 2020!

Despite her success in Track and Field, Asher-Smith began her career in sport aged 3 with a toddler ballet class, before progressing to football and finally moving over into the world of athletics. At PTC we offer lots of different sports classes, allowing children to find their sporting passion. As children get older, we have lots of connections with outside clubs to help them develop and continue their interests.

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