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SEN (Special Educational Needs): Children in Sports.

According to a report made by Men Cap in 2018, 64% of UK sport clubs do not have appropriate equipment for children with learning disabilities. At PTC Sports, we make it our goal to provide exciting activities for children, particularly when it comes to offering opportunities for children with SEN (Special Educational Needs). It’s helpful and extremely crucial for their welfare when you think about it.

How can sports be helpful for children with SEN? Written below are some of the reasons how physical sports are effective for them.

Physiological benefits can arise from allowing children with SEN to take part in sports. One benefit is that any physical activity can improve their social and communication skills with other people. If an activity is designed appropriately to the child’s needs, it provides a fun and safe setting for them to play in, giving them the chance to interact with other children and think about how a game works. Group playing games like football help to stimulate a child’s mind and lets them build up new friendships.

Physical activities can also help to improve a child’s self-esteem, especially those who are suffering from anxiety and other mental health issues. Sports, such as running or swimming, can help them to focus on life outside of their problems, improving their general mood pattern and giving them a sense of worth in what they’re doing. Here, at PTC Sports, we encourage children with special needs to take part in sport activities, as it helps to raise their confidence through our use of positive reinforcement.

Mindfulness is another factor that can be rewarding for children with SEN. Mental health issues are terrible for a child to endure, especially if they are suffering from anxiety or depression or even the prospect of doing something they aren’t comfortable with. But physical activities are the key to taking their minds off any of these issues. Focusing on an activity can distract them from any negativity, improving their mindset as a result. Going for a run, or working in a team helps to give the child a positive mood, as well as potentially rectifying whatever issues are affecting them.