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PTC Sports Franchise Opportunity

At PTC, we are always looking for dedicated and hardworking people to take up our franchise opportunity and become their own boss, as part of a brand that delivers outstanding sports provisions.

Our first franchise opened in 2013 East London, a franchise that has now grown to be unrecognisable to how it started. As a unique franchise opportunity, we offer sports coaches the chance to get young people involved in sports, teaching them the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Our franchises help get more and more children moving in schools that are struggling to teach pupils the importance of staying active.

As the UK’s number 1 sports coaching provider, all our partners are passionate about getting children involved in sports, hopefully creating lifelong interests that start with our in-school coaching. From our in-school coaching as part of a curriculum, to our afterschool and holiday clubs, our franchise partners have many opportunities to help children develop their interests, with our range of clubs and sports offered growing in every region we support.

When coaches become part of our franchise, they are fully supported to allow them to grow their business in a market that is full of opportunities. We are passionate about growing our company across the UK to ensure we are benefiting the biggest number of children we can, as we aid our partners in their marketing endeavours.

For more information or if you are interested in becoming part of our PTC franchise, don’t hesitate to contact us.