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New Sports at PTC

Looking for some new sports activities for your children to participate in? At PTC Sports, we have recently added new sport activities to our curriculum, such as Archery and Lacrosse clubs. Read on to see what these activities have to offer.

The Archery sessions are constructed as mini versions of the sport, allowing your children to get a taste of what archery is, as well as how to hold a bow and shoot an arrow. Don’t worry about letting your children near the equipment. Our team members will be there to supervise them, using friendly and safe equipment. We consider archery an important sport for children to take part in, as it uses the fundamental skills that a child must learn; agility, balance and coordination. It also improves their coordination and mental skills, so your child will continue to thrive in the world.

Lacrosse is another activity that we introduced at PTC Sports, showing the children how to hold a lacrosse stick and pass the ball around to other people. Much like Archery, this is a sport that requires teamwork and keeping count of scores. Whilst this sport does include stick to stick contact, our coach members make sure that everyone plays sensibly and that no-one gets hurt. What is great about this sport is that it encourages children to work together and improves their motor skills when carrying and passing the ball around. It’s also entertaining and fun for the children to learn about.

Don’t feel concerned if these activities sound too difficult for your child. Rather than using technical instructions for the games, our coaches use fun-based activities to introduce new skills to the children, as well as encouraging the progress of current ones i.e., Maths when counting scores and social skills when communicating and coordinating with their fellow team members.

If you are interested in booking a session for one of these new activities, click on the link to our website www.ptcsports.class4kids.co.uk and book a place from there.