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Just 60 Minutes A Day Exercise

Boys are doing less exercise than girls according to a recent NHS recent survey.

The annual survey, on children’s health, is based on a personal interview with 8000 adults and 2000 children and focuses on health trends, including well-being, fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity.

The latest report, published by National Statistics, shows that there has been a marked decrease in the number of boys meeting recommended physical activity from 28% in 2008 to 21% in 2012 levelling out at 23% in 2015.

Girls, on the other hand, have shown no significant change from 19% in 2008 to 20% in 2015.

However, the biggest decrease for both boys and girls is in the older age group, from 13-15. This is a worrying trend as there is considerable evidence that children who are currently overweight may face long term health issues in later life.

In 2011, the government pledged to tackle childhood obesity by encouraging a healthy lifestyle, as part of their ‘Start Active, Stay Active’ programme. This also included reducing sugar content and promoting the fruit and veg 5 a day campaign.

In addition, following the 1997 white paper ‘Excellence in Schools’ and the 2003 Green Paper ‘Every Child Matters,’ there has been an increased focus on implementing initiatives to promote health and fitness in schools.

This includes a national recommended level of physical activity for healthy development of 60 minutes a day and we’re on a mission to get young people more active.

According to the government, physical activity for children is critical for motor development, cognitive improvement, psychosocial health, and cardio-metabolic health. It also reduces body fat and has been proven to increase academic achievement.

One of the government’s key findings was that young people are more likely to participate in physical activity if it is fun and meaningful. Our holiday clubs aim to be just that.

We offer a wide range of sporting activity sessions throughout the school year, including half term breaks. These include football, gymnastics, basketball and dance.

These are delivered by qualified (Enhanced DBS checked) instructors to OFSTED approved curriculum and all delivered in accordance with the government’s ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’ guidance

The ‘Start Active, Stay Active’ programme recommends that children under 5yrs should be physically active for a minimum 3 hours a day while 5 – 18yrs should take part in moderate physical activity for at least an hour a day, every day.

However, it is stressed that this is the minimum and young people should be encouraged to engage in more vigorous activity for several hours at least three days a week.

Our holiday clubs keep young people engaged and having fun while possibly trying something new. We even follow the Joe Wicks regime while Body Coach School Fitness
has created HIIT workouts for children to take part in during school hours.

We also offer ‘fit’ family sessions for both children and adults as well as our popular family boot camp and Zumba sessions. These and our in-term and half term holiday clubs give an insight into the benefits of exercise proving that health and fitness can be fun.

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