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How One2One coaching can help your child’s skills

Are you looking for extra coaching for your child?

Have they been prevented from exercising due to any injury, lack of speed, agility, or power?

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PTC One2One coaching sessions are designed to boost your child’s confidence, allowing them to learn at a speed specific to their needs.

Every child is different, and it can be quite tricky to note their individual needs in a conventional training session. Thanks to One2One coaching, there are no gaps in their training. As the focus is placed on only one kid at a time, they will be able to enhance their technical skills and develop game understanding at their own pace.

Our coaching sessions can suit beginners, intermediate players looking to take on fresh skills, and more advanced performers wanting to move to the next level.

We focus on the key development areas that each kid needs to work on in a fun, engaging and effective way. Not only while they are with us, but we also aim to give them the tools so they can keep working on these abilities in every training session.

Therefore, what can One2One coaching do for your kids?

– Focus on their individual needs, allowing them to learn at their own pace. It identifies their strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to work in them.
– Helps them gain confidence and develop those areas where they need it most.
– It gives them the tools to work on their own physical development.
– It allows some children to reconnect with sports and receive support through their fears.

Meet our coaches: