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3 Ways to Motivate Your Students on the Return to School

It’s nearly back to school for many children which means that, for teachers, it’s back to working to inspire them in class. Whether you’re a school teacher, an extra-curricular activity leader or a home educator, you will have most likely come across a student or two who lack the motivation towards learning that you wish they had. We know the struggle which is why we have collated a list of three simple ways that you can adapt your approach to teaching to inspire and motivate your students as much as possible.

There’s nothing that demotivates students like when they feel that what they are learning is ‘pointless’. Telling students why they are doing these activities and learning these skills is essential for them to understand the importance of them. Simply connecting the skill to a real-world application can change their attitude towards learning as they will now acknowledge how this may be valuable to them in their lives.

A positive mental attitude plays a big role in how a student will feel towards their learning, but sometimes they need the reminder to think this way. Speaking to your students in a way that reinforces positivity about their learning will remind students to look at the positives and remember what is important. Think up some phrases that become a part of your teaching vocabulary, for example, ‘Just do your best and that’s all you can do which is good enough for me’ or ‘You can’t do it… yet!’. These phrases should encourage students to adopt a new way of thinking about their learning and what comes with it; struggles, constraints, insecurities etc. Once this positivity is being consistently reinforced, not only will it motivate your students within class, but it will carry through into other aspects of their life.

This is the same idea as ‘practice what you preach’ rather than ‘do as I say, not as I do’. Regardless of what you may think, students will look to their teachers for inspiration and support and they will feed off what their teachers instil into their learning. It is important to set a good example for your students to make sure that they strive for excellence and respect what you are asking of them. For example, if you are asking a student to work harder for you in your lessons but you are showing little effort yourself, you won’t get the outcome that you are hoping for.

Make sure to test out these three simple but effective changes and see what they can do for your students and their motivation…