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10 Indoor Children’s Sports for the Colder Months

Whilst this time of the year tends to be the most exciting for children with the autumn/winter festivities in full swing, the cold weather can sometimes stand as a barrier to them keeping active.

Many children’s sports require the outdoors which, in the colder months, can be off-putting. It is important that children remain active throughout the year to maintain their cardiorespiratory fitness levels, balance their mood and strengthen their bodies (and sleep better, parents).

Luckily, as well as outdoor sports, there are many indoor sports that they can partake in throughout the colder months. They may even find a new hobby that they want to stick with!




1. Basketball

This dynamic, fun-filled sport improves coordination and stamina whilst being an excellent game for team-building and social skills.

2. Dance

Dance has a plethora of physical and personal benefits; coordination, perseverance, agility, conditioning and self-motivation are just a few to name.

3. Martial Arts

Although martial arts has a mass of strength and fitness benefits, it also teaches children discipline, patience, self-defence and the importance of concentration.

4. Swimming

Whilst swimming is necessary for children’s safety, it is also an enjoyable activity that improves strength, flexibility and circulation.

5. Skiing

Skiing is the ultimate adrenaline-pumping exercise. It promotes good balance, coordination and enhances cardiovascular health.

6. Gymnastics

Arguably one of the most exciting indoor sports, gymnastics is a unique way to improve agility, balance and strength (plus they can learn some impressive moves).

7. Skating

Many locations have indoor skating rinks which make this sport easily accessible. Skating can improve balance, endurance and helps to develop spatial awareness.

8. Tennis

Tennis can be an individual or group sport and it’s a great one for developing children’s motor skills as well as their balance and coordination.

9. Bowling

Bowling will help to strengthen your child’s upper body whilst being an effective disguise for aerobic activity. This sport also encourages children to utilise their maths and tactical skills.

10. Mini Golf

Golf strengthens hand-eye coordination, develops problem-solving skills and is a good cardiovascular workout. Who knows, maybe your child is the next Tiger Woods!