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Kids, Health, Exercise and Wellbeing

PTC Sports was established in 2013 as a sports coaching service provider. We work with schools across the country to deliver the most current and exciting sports activities. Our programs are not only incredibly fulfilling, but also help children to maintain a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

We do this by providing:

  • Support to help schools achieve outstanding PE sessions
  • Continuous professional development for teachers and school staff

Extracurricular activities, including:

  • Before school
  • Lunchtime
  • After School
  • Holiday clubs
  • Inter-school competitions.

It’s wonderful to see children enjoying a sport they’re passionate about. As they get older, we strive to connect them with local sports and gymnastics clubs so that their skills can be developed even further.

Our Objective

At PTC, we aspire to create the best opportunities for children, regardless of their age, gender or status within the community. We provide activities that may not be accessible to everyone outside of school and ensure a fun and safe environment.

Our staff set themselves high standards, ensuring that every attendee is fully engaged with their sessions. They take pride in being qualified in their chosen sports; constantly developing their knowledge so that they can continue to advance the skills of their pupils.


School Services

Curriculum & Extra Curriculum

Sports Day

Fit Families

CPD Training

Holiday Clubs

Special Educational Need

When my business partner and I heard of the franchise opportunities with PTC Sports and what was to be offered, it was an easy decision!

What really set PTC apart from other franchises was the support on offer. They have a more personal approach due to being able to deal with the manager 1-2-1 rather than having information passed through numerous individuals which you find in more corporate companies.

Upon visiting PTC sessions, delivery was of a high standard and professional. This coincided with the good reputation I had heard from neighbouring areas.

Taskin, the director, has played a key role in the start-up of the franchise, setting up marketing strategies to reach new schools, attending and leading our first five appointments and supporting us on a daily basis with admin, coaches and courses.

I cannot wait to see what the future brings for myself and the PTC brand.

Brandon Martin

(Barking & Dagenham Franchisee)

Latest News

7 Awesome Autumn Activities to Keep Your Kids Moving

With cooler days and darker nights creeping in, we all start craving more cosy days in. You may find your children sway towards indoor activities and screen time therefore moving less. Combat inactivity with our 7 awesome autumn activities to keep your kids active this autumn.


Go Swimming
Whatever the weather outside it doesn’t matter when you go swimming! Swimming is great exercise and an essential life skill to teach your children. It’s also an affordable activity as many swimming pools are council run with reasonable prices, plus many have slides and flumes for extra fun day out.


Lantern Trail
The darker nights do have some benefits, illumination events! Breath taking sets and floats are lighting up parks all around the UK, get your steps in and watch your children’s face light up at the magic walking around the installations.


Bring on the Bikes
This is useful if you haven’t got much garden space or a local playground, and usually more appealing to kids than a simple walk. If you haven’t got a bike many scenic and tourist places have bike rental options. Even the youngest members of the family can join in, with baby bike trailers you can attach to your own bike, baby will be snug enjoying the views, this is great extra exercise for you.


Tik Tok Disco

Stuck in on yet another rainy day? Bring on the lounge disco, move the sofas, dim the lights and get the disco lights fired up. Let your little one chose the songs, and for older ones set them the challenge of learning the latest Tik Tok dance routines and teaching other members of the family.

Build a Den

Either in your local woodland or your back garden gather materials to build a den. Bring along a flask of hot chocolate and blankets for them to enjoy after the hard work in the comfort of their den.


Conker Quest

Go on an adventure to seek conkers. Make it like a treasure hunt and set your children the challenge of finding as many conkers as possible. At home you can use them to play the classic game or use them as part of art and craft activities. The fun doesn’t stop at conkers you can also collect leaves or pinecones or even forage berries for baking.


Fly a Kite

Make the most of windy days and show your kids how to fly a kite. It’s a classic affordable family activity everyone loves and can be incorporated with a nice hill walk.

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Halloween Activities for Kids

Keep your kids entertained this half term with our seven Halloween themed Spooktacular ideas!

1. Broomstick Race
Get your kids moving with this fun activity you can play outside or inside for rainy days. You will need two brooms. Split the players into teams and see who can race on a broom from one end of the garden to the other the fastest. Throw in a few capes and some witches hats for added effect.

2. Pumpkin Picking & Carving

Visit your local pumpkin field and enjoy picking a pumpkin to bring home and carve together into fun faces or shapes. Get inspiration by using templates to help.

3. Get Baking

Kids love helping you in the kitchen! Make the most of the pumpkin leftovers from carving and make a Pumpkin pie, soup or risotto. Got a sweet tooth? Or small children? Oreo spiders are easy and mess free, stick-on liquorish legs to the Oreos with writing icing, and googlie eyes are a bonus!

4. Movie Night In

Turn the lights low, light a candle in the pumpkin, get a hot chocolate, popcorn and snuggle up and watch a Halloween classic, we love Hocus Pocus!

5. Pumpkin Hunt in House

Hide mini pumpkins or decorative pumpkins in the house with a series of clues to find the next one! Leave a prize at the end. You could get the kids to take it in turns and time them to see who makes the fastest time.

6. Musical Mummies

Have a blast with a Halloween twist on the classic musical statues. Get the kids grooving to the monster mash, and when the music stops, they must “drop dead” to the floor and stay as still as they can.

7. Halloween Wreath

Make Halloween wreaths for the front door, for little ones this could be made using a cardboard cut-out of a wreath shape and gluing images on. For older children using retro sweets and a glue gun (always supervise) finished with a bow looks effective!

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