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Kids, Health, Exercise and Wellbeing

PTC Sports was established in 2013 as a sports coaching service provider. We work with schools across the country to deliver the most current and exciting sports activities. Our programs are not only incredibly fulfilling, but also help children to maintain a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

We do this by providing:

  • Support to help schools achieve outstanding PE sessions
  • Continuous professional development for teachers and school staff

Extracurricular activities, including:

  • Before school
  • Lunchtime
  • After School
  • Holiday clubs
  • Inter-school competitions.

It’s wonderful to see children enjoying a sport they’re passionate about. As they get older, we strive to connect them with local sports and gymnastics clubs so that their skills can be developed even further.

Our Objective

At PTC, we aspire to create the best opportunities for children, regardless of their age, gender or status within the community. We provide activities that may not be accessible to everyone outside of school and ensure a fun and safe environment.

Our staff set themselves high standards, ensuring that every attendee is fully engaged with their sessions. They take pride in being qualified in their chosen sports; constantly developing their knowledge so that they can continue to advance the skills of their pupils.


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When my business partner and I heard of the franchise opportunities with PTC Sports and what was to be offered, it was an easy decision!

What really set PTC apart from other franchises was the support on offer. They have a more personal approach due to being able to deal with the manager 1-2-1 rather than having information passed through numerous individuals which you find in more corporate companies.

Upon visiting PTC sessions, delivery was of a high standard and professional. This coincided with the good reputation I had heard from neighbouring areas.

Taskin, the director, has played a key role in the start-up of the franchise, setting up marketing strategies to reach new schools, attending and leading our first five appointments and supporting us on a daily basis with admin, coaches and courses.

I cannot wait to see what the future brings for myself and the PTC brand.

Brandon Martin

(Barking & Dagenham Franchisee)

Latest News

Why is family exercise so important for children?

For kids, being introduced to healthy behaviours early in life is a gift, as they will inherit these routines and carry them to their adulthood.

Family time is often sedentary and passive when kids watch a movie or play with some of the many electronic devices accessible for them.

However, have you considered spending this quality time together doing physical activity?

Here are some of the many benefits of exercising in family:


  1. Encourages family bonding time

Sometimes, in between work, extracurricular activities, school… Parents find it difficult to spend time with their children.

On top of that, a lot of parents also struggle to develop a healthy exercise routine for themselves.

That’s why family exercise is a win-win!

Physical activity and family sports, foster an environment of teamwork and communication – two things that are extremely important for a child’s development. It’s a great opportunity to get to know each other, learn what your child likes or dislikes and understand where they need help.


  1. Walk-the-talk

Are you looking to encourage healthy habits in your children?

Then exercising with them is a great idea.

Did you know that kids often carry family routines into their adulthood? Use family time to do physical activities with them!

If kids see adults doing something, they are more likely to be interested in doing it as well. By incorporating healthy habits into your lifestyle, you are encouraging your children to introduce these routines into their life too!


  1. It motivates teamwork!

Those good habits being taught at school need to be also encouraged at home.

Exercising together is a great opportunity to teach your kids how to work towards a common goal. Physical activity and family sports foster an environment of teamwork and communication, which are really valuable skills for your child’s development.


  1. Healthy adults

Lifestyle habits are learned in the early stages of our development.

Of course, we can choose to change them, but it doesn’t come as natural.

For some children, exercise is an activity that they must do in or after school, and sometimes even an obligation. For others, it’s a natural habit that they will carry into their adulthood.

By encouraging physical activity in the early stages of their development, you are helping children to develop a lifetime healthy routine.


  1. It’s fun for everyone

Let’s face it. As adults, sometimes we struggle to find the motivation to exercise.

By involving the whole family in it, you can find that physical activity can be fun and rewarding.

Let’s get the endorphins flowing!

Fit families here at PTC sports

We’ve developed a programme of fun exercises suitable for all ages, incorporating circuit training, games, and aerobic fitness.

Our Fit Families sessions enable you to enjoy keeping fit and healthy while spending time together with your children!


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What can I do if my children don't like sports?

Exercising regularly comes with many benefits, especially for the younger ones of the house. However, for a lot of children, sports can be something daunting and far from fun.

If this happens, don’t you sweat it. There are other ways to make children enjoy physical activity.


So, what should you do if your kid doesn’t like sports?


Children who aren’t sporty can build physical and social skills in many other ways.

Try to find an activity where they don’t even realise they are exercising. Riding a bike, playing with the ball in the backyard, walking… are other forms of exercise.

Our biggest advice is, don’t force children to develop an activity they don’t want to do. It won’t help at all. Try a different range of pursuits, there might be an activity they really enjoy doing!


Understand the reason 

Sometimes, children feel like they don’t like sports because they don’t understand or know the rules, or they haven’t had much practise with them.

In other cases, they might not enjoy sports because of previous bad experiences in the past. Or they just simply think they are not good enough for it.


Encourage them to keep trying, but don’t force them!

One thing that you should constantly remind your kids is that being good at something requires practise and time. It’s completely fine to feel lost at first, and the only way to get better is to keep doing it!

Don’t make them feel bad about not being sporty or good with sports. Acknowledge his strengths and support him in what he loves.

If you want them to connect or reconned with physical activity, incidental forms of exercise can be the best way of encouraging your children to do some sport.

They might enjoy jumping a rope, walking, or hiking instead of football or basketball. Or they might need a more personalised coaching session, like the ones we offer here at PTC sports.


Offer them personalised training

Our One2One coaching sessions are designed to boost your child’s confidence, allowing them to learn at a speed specific to their needs. We focus on a kid at a time, being able to develop their physical activity at their own pace.

It allows children to reconnect with sports and receive support through their fears!

However, other kids just simply don’t like sports. If you seem unable to find a physical activity they like, there are other fun ways to stay active.

If you are still unsure and need a hand motivating your children, we are here to help!

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