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Kids, Health, Exercise and Wellbeing

PTC Sports was established in 2013 as a sports coaching service provider. We work with schools across the country to deliver the most current and exciting sports activities. Our programs are not only incredibly fulfilling, but also help children to maintain a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

We do this by providing:

  • Support to help schools achieve outstanding PE sessions
  • Continuous professional development for teachers and school staff

Extracurricular activities, including:

  • Before school
  • Lunchtime
  • After School
  • Holiday clubs
  • Inter-school competitions.

It’s wonderful to see children enjoying a sport they’re passionate about. As they get older, we strive to connect them with local sports and gymnastics clubs so that their skills can be developed even further.

Our Objective

At PTC, we aspire to create the best opportunities for children, regardless of their age, gender or status within the community. We provide activities that may not be accessible to everyone outside of school and ensure a fun and safe environment.

Our staff set themselves high standards, ensuring that every attendee is fully engaged with their sessions. They take pride in being qualified in their chosen sports; constantly developing their knowledge so that they can continue to advance the skills of their pupils.


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When my business partner and I heard of the franchise opportunities with PTC Sports and what was to be offered, it was an easy decision!

What really set PTC apart from other franchises was the support on offer. They have a more personal approach due to being able to deal with the manager 1-2-1 rather than having information passed through numerous individuals which you find in more corporate companies.

Upon visiting PTC sessions, delivery was of a high standard and professional. This coincided with the good reputation I had heard from neighbouring areas.

Taskin, the director, has played a key role in the start-up of the franchise, setting up marketing strategies to reach new schools, attending and leading our first five appointments and supporting us on a daily basis with admin, coaches and courses.

I cannot wait to see what the future brings for myself and the PTC brand.

Brandon Martin

(Barking & Dagenham Franchisee)

Latest News

Top 5 UK Sports Holiday Destinations to visit in 2024

Avoid the stress of the airport and explore a range of action-packed holiday locations in the UK, our top five destinations are sure to keep your adrenaline-loving children entertained!

1. The Lake District
The Lake District is England’s largest National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Lake district is popular with tourists for many reasons, as well as the stunning scenery and beautiful walks, the Lakes offer plenty of opportunities for water sports, whether you fancy paddle boarding over Lake Windermere, cannoning at Fell Foot Park, or kayaking at Derwentwater, your family will have plenty to choose from!

2. Llechwedd, Wales
Hidden away in the slate mines of North Wales is the legendary Zip World activity center, home to the world’s first underground and above ground adventures. Your thrill loving little ones will love playing underground golf in a cavern, and will go wild on Bounce Below, an underground net experience! There is nothing quite like Bounce Below, it must be seen to fully appreciate its wonderful uniqueness, down a disused mine trampoline nets (which cover twice size of St Paul’s Cathedral) sprawl across the mine in a maze, set a glow with neon lights, it is a one-of-a-kind experience not to be missed!

3. Cornwall
A wonderful way to strengthen the family bond, create fond memories, and keep active on holiday is surfing. Not just famous for its delicious cream teas, Cornwall is renowned for its many beaches, which are ideal for surfing as a family. Our favorite beaches include Perranporth, Newquay and Polzeath. All have lifeguards on patrol, and surf schools ensuring the safety of your little ones. Cornwall also offers some great rock climbing; scenic cycling and the Eden project is sure not to be missed!

4. The Peak district
Discover the beauty of the Peak District with its rolling hills which are jam packed full of adventures, in UK’s original national park. Our favorite activities include cycling the Monsal trail, hiking Mam Tor, hopping across the steppingstones at Dovedale, exploring the Speedwell Cavern by boat, or having a splash of a time with water sports at Carsington Water. However, no visit to the peak district is complete without a visit to Chatsworth House and Gardens, you will easily get your steps in exploring the majestic house and gardens, and children will adore the farm. New for 2024 is a secret tunnel from the farmyard to the woodland adventure playground featuring a 12-meter slide, sure to keep them entertained for hours long!

5. Aviemore and the Cairngorms
“One of the top 20 places to visit in the world” according to National Geographic Traveller Magazine. The UK’s largest National Park, in the Scottish Highlands, offers a multitude of fun activities for your adventurous kids. Pay a visit to Cairngorm Mountain between December and April for a skiing and snowboarding adventure. If you are new to snow sports and need to learn to ski or snowboard, Lecht ski schools offer lessons with qualified instructors. Alternatively, The Cairngorms is home to some of the best cycling in Scotland, family friendly trails include the Glenlivet estate or for the more adventurous why not try The G2 Adventure Hub near Aviemore, who offer a world class natural playground with the opportunity to tackle white water rafting or zip high amongst the trees.

Which destination will you try first? Which destinations would you add to the list?

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The Benefits of Early Childhood Sports Participation

When it comes to early childhood, one of the most effective tools for all-round development is sports participation. Beyond the joy of scoring a goal or mastering a tumble, engaging in sports at a young age offers many benefits that extend far into adulthood. The profound advantages of introducing children to sports early on can range from physical health to improved social skills, and it’s something that we urge every parent to consider.

Regular participation in sports helps children to develop fundamental motor skills, agility, coordination and balance. These activities contribute to the development of strong muscles and bones, reducing the risk of obesity and promoting overall cardiovascular health. The healthy habits that are formed during these early years often translate into a lifetime of maintained physical fitness.

Sports provide a unique environment for children to interact, collaborate and learn important social skills. In particular, team sports teach children the value of teamwork, cooperation and communication. Young athletes develop resilience through shared victories and defeats and develop the ability to work well with others.

Success and improvement in sports massively contribute to a child’s self-esteem. Setting and achieving goals, overcoming challenges and receiving positive reinforcement all contribute to an improved sense of self-worth. This confidence will then translate into other aspects of their life building self-belief in their ability to tackle new challenges.

Sports require commitment and discipline. Children learn the importance of regular practice, punctuality and the value of hard work. These habits instil a sense of responsibility and effective time management. These are skills that prove invaluable as they spill into their academic and professional lives in the future.

While sports participation is amazing for physical health, it also stimulates cognitive development. Children learn to strategize, make quick decisions and analyse situations. This then enhances their problem-solving abilities, critical thinking and spatial awareness; all skills which contribute to academic success and overall intellectual development.

Emotional regulation is an essential life skill that helps children to navigate challenges and form healthy relationships. Sports offer a controlled environment for children to experience a range of emotions. Learning to manage and express these emotions in a supportive setting helps children to develop emotional resilience.

Early childhood sports participation is not just about crossing a finish line or chasing a ball, it is about laying the foundations for a healthy, well-rounded and successful life. By introducing sports into children’s lives early on, you are investing in their physical health, social skills, confidence, discipline, cognitive abilities and emotional intelligence.

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