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Kids, Health, Exercise and Wellbeing

PTC Sports was established in 2013 as a sports coaching service provider. We work with schools across the country to deliver the most current and exciting sports activities. Our programs are not only incredibly fulfilling, but also help children to maintain a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

We do this by providing:

  • Support to help schools achieve outstanding PE sessions
  • Continuous professional development for teachers and school staff

Extracurricular activities, including:

  • Before school
  • Lunchtime
  • After School
  • Holiday clubs
  • Inter-school competitions.

It’s wonderful to see children enjoying a sport they’re passionate about. As they get older, we strive to connect them with local sports and gymnastics clubs so that their skills can be developed even further.

Our Objective

At PTC, we aspire to create the best opportunities for children, regardless of their age, gender or status within the community. We provide activities that may not be accessible to everyone outside of school and ensure a fun and safe environment.

Our staff set themselves high standards, ensuring that every attendee is fully engaged with their sessions. They take pride in being qualified in their chosen sports; constantly developing their knowledge so that they can continue to advance the skills of their pupils.


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When my business partner and I heard of the franchise opportunities with PTC Sports and what was to be offered, it was an easy decision!

What really set PTC apart from other franchises was the support on offer. They have a more personal approach due to being able to deal with the manager 1-2-1 rather than having information passed through numerous individuals which you find in more corporate companies.

Upon visiting PTC sessions, delivery was of a high standard and professional. This coincided with the good reputation I had heard from neighbouring areas.

Taskin, the director, has played a key role in the start-up of the franchise, setting up marketing strategies to reach new schools, attending and leading our first five appointments and supporting us on a daily basis with admin, coaches and courses.

I cannot wait to see what the future brings for myself and the PTC brand.

Brandon Martin

(Barking & Dagenham Franchisee)

Latest News

5 Life changing Breakfast Ideas You Can Make Ahead

September is here and the hustle and bustle of returning to routines and rushing out the door for the school run is back.

We know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when life gets busy and trying to round the herd out to get to school on time dressed, washed, groomed, with packed lunch, pe kits, book bags and not to mention Charlie’s trumpet and Isla’s ballet bag is exhausting! Many of us end up grabbing toast or a bowl of soggy cereal much to our children’s distain. Level up your breakfasts and give your kids the best start the day, and the mental edge at school!

Here’s our 5 top Breakfast Ideas you can make in advance:

1. Baked Oats

Always a hit, tastes like cake and can hide a multitude of nutritious ingredients like blueberries and chia seeds, and even the fussiest of kids will love them! You can make the batter in advance and bake in the morning, or even bake in advance and simply reheat when needed. Baked Oats also taste good straight from the fridge, meaning your kids can even eat them in the car on the way to school for those super late mornings. We like ours best served warm with Greek yoghurt and berries.

2. Egg Muffins

A great source of protein and a great way to use what you have in the fridge. Simply whisk eggs and add in your choice of vegetables, cheeses, meat, or Quorn, (to name just a few ideas). Pour the mix into silicon muffin cases and bake until golden. The muffins can be enjoyed hot or cold, alone or served with other breakfast classics such as beans and tomatoes. We love ham and mushroom or smoked salmon and cream cheese versions.

3. Overnight Oats

These have soared in popularity of the years due to their versatility and ease. A quick search on Instagram brings over 200,000 versions, so there are endless flavour ideas and combinations! Simply layer oats with yoghurt and berries and leave in the fridge overnight. We recommend using frozen fruit as the juices will soak into the oats for a delicious flavour and texture, plus it’s cheaper than fresh fruit. The kids will love to get involved making these and take ownership in creating their own flavours. Our favourite flavours are carrot cake, where you add in finely grated carrot and cinnamon and for those dairy free, lashings of coconut yoghurt with frozen cherries are delightful!

4. Breakfast Frittata

Frittatas aren’t just for dinners! Pack them with mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, bacon (with the fat removed) or Quorn, for a twist on the Spanish classic. A Frittata is perfect for a filling breakfast you can make the night before and reheat or enjoy cold and is a great way to get their 5 a day off to a flying start.

5. Breakfast Bars

Looks like flapjack, but cleverly packed with seeds, nuts and fruits. Make a batch for quick and easy breakfast on-the-go or layer with berries and Greek yoghurt, one the whole family will enjoy! Also makes for a nutritious breaktime snack.

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What is kinaesthetic learning and why is it beneficial for children?

Every person learns differently, and through different techniques.

When studying, some choose to read the information a million times while others would listen to a podcast or assist to conferences. There are a lot of ways to achieve knowledge and not every person has the same needs.

The same applies for the younger ones. Some students prefer to write it down while others prefer to listen to the explanation or discuss it with a friend.

Does your kid have lots of energy? Are they unable to sit still? Have you noticed is it easier for them to retain information when they walk around or discuss it with you?

They might be kinaesthetic learners!


What is kinaesthetic learning?

It is just another way of learning based on physical activity.

A lot of times, kids are forced to learn while they are sat down, in silence and taking notes.

But this doesn’t work for every kid. Some learners can process information best when they are actively engaged with it.


Some Kinaesthetic learning strategies.

  • Combine your study session with exercise


Encourage kids to learn while they stay active. This could mean taking frequent breaks during the study session to perform physical tasks or asking them to stand up to reply to a question in class. The possibilities are endless!

  • Just let them move


They will learn quicker and more efficiently if you don’t push them to sit still. Some kids need to release that energy to be able to concentrate in a task.

  • Break up the sessions into smaller chunks


A lot of kids can sit still for an hour while focusing on a task. Others don’t. And that’s fine!

It’s important to support every type of learner and personality.


Taking short but regular breaks during a quieter seated activity and changing locations in the class can not only help kinaesthetic learners but also boost the attention of the other children!

  • Incorporate the sense of touch into learning

Provide your child with some touching activities they can do while they learn in class. A stress ball can be a great tool that allows them to fiddle while focusing on their tasks.


Kinaesthetic learning here at PTC sports

We base our sessions on ‘kinaesthetic learning’ to keep children physically active and adapt all our sessions rather than be selective.

PTC coaches can plan imaginative skill-development and team building sessions, designed to meet the needs of every kid.

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