Our Ambassadors

Our formidable line-up of ambassadors at PTC Sports are with us for one reason, they believe in our service and that is to provide children with quality coaching and promoting an healthy active lifestyle. Our ambassadors have played their respective sport at the highest level and now dedicate their time to being exceptional role models to young children with the aim of inspiring them to have a sporting future themselves.

Paul Nixon - England Cricketer

Former International cricketer and English County cricket legend Paul Nixon is the proud ambassador of PTC Sports. Paul Nixon is a county cricket legend with a career that spanned over 23 years. Nixon also represented England late in his career which includes participating in the 2007 World Cup and triumphant ODI tour of Australia during the 2006-07 Commonwealth series.

Paul’s enthusiasm for the game of cricket and energy behind the stumps with his innovative batting technique has been hailed by many.

Paul represented two county cricket clubs during his career which were with Leicestershire and Kent. The southpaw played vital part in Leicestershire’s two county championship victories in 1996 and 1998 respectively and T20 success campaign in 2011.

Paul will be best remembered as a cricketer for his team-man ethics and exuberance. His experience on the county circuit is invaluable. By having Paul Nixon as its ambassador, PTC Sport tries to bring its ambassador’s experience while delivering quality sports coaching to youngsters in schools.

As PTC Sports ambassador, Paul’s role will involve increasing participation in school sport and PE, spreading the word of how important it is to keep an active and healthy lifestyle.

“One of the main reasons for my association with PTC Sports is to make sure youngsters get an early opportunity to get healthy and stay fit. PTC Sports coaching has been successfully running for past eight years and I give them my full support as an ambassador.”